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Saturday, April 19th, 9:00  to  11:00 AM...Carmel VFW Hall   More Here...


2014 State Convention Data and Forms are Available Here....
P_OW MIA Bulletin...Bits_N_Pieces
The Men’s Auxiliary Standard Operating Manual has been updated and if anyone would like a current copy please contact Department Headquarters.  There is a $7.25 charge per manual.

According to research, over 60% of veterans think the VA will provide their funeral or cremation service at no charge.
NOT TRUE!  Find Out More...

A Little-Known Benefit for Aging Veterans Who Qualifies?...

VFW Donations Down Drastically

IRS Cut Red Tape for Veterans and Survivors

Vet Gun Control

There's a Decline in Veteran Homless

Veterans Affairs admitted a mistake

Reconstruct Missing War Records

Post Issues in New York

 VOD and Patriots Pen Themes are available!





Eligible recipients can get engraved memorial certificate

New York Veterans can get free hunting licenses

VA Facilities in New York


You will need Adobe Reader to view Memstats and many other PDF data pages.  Click on this icon to download the latest version.


VFW PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.....Recently, the VFW produced some new outstanding television public service announcements for our great organization, and we’re pleased to share these with you. VFW National Headquarters has placed them to air in some large markets around the country, but we want these to be shared with every single American–coast-to-coast.
Please download these PSAs, and work with your local television stations to get them aired in your city. Because the VFW is a nonprofit, many stations will not charge to air them.
You or a representative of your local television station can download the files here: These are large files and may take several minutes to download to your computer.
We greatly appreciate your assistance with this endeavor. Your efforts are crucial to ensuring the VFW mission is shared with patriotic Americans around the country.
Let’s show America that No One Does More For Veterans than the VFW! ....VFW COMMUNICATIONS

Live Webinar ...

A week from today, Wednesday, April 16 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ET there will be the live webinar:

Your Pathway to a Nursing Degree directed to Military and Veteran's in interested in an associate degree in nursing.
Did you know that your training and experience as a military corpsman can be a gateway into a rewarding career as a registered nurse?  Today more than 1,500 military personnel and veterans are pursuing an associate degree in nursing at Excelsior College's accredited competency-based program that is delivered at a distance.

Register:    Thank you for your continued support,

Judy Reed, M.Ed.                                    Live Chat is available on all military and veteran web pages.
Director of Veteran Services and Outreach
Excelsior College
7 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203-5159
Toll Free: 888-647-2388: press 118678
Fax -518-608-8142
Excelsior College's Online Veterans' Center is a place to connect those
affiliated with the military community about education, career and life,
as well as access to resources, a mentorship program, webinars and college
orientation materials.  Enter the Veterans' Center via


New law just enacted allows tax payers to have any tax refund go to maintaining state Veterans' cemeteries.  Read More ....

New Safety Resource for Posts
The VFW Post Insurance Program is pleased to announce the launch of a new online training course for VFW Posts titled Post Liability & Loss Control.   This online training will help Posts understand the liabilities of operating a VFW Post, and learn easy ways to help prevent accidents and injuries to members and guests. The training takes about 30 minutes to complete and it’s free! To access the course, visit the VFW Post Insurance Program website at

Budweiser is looking to do a “Hero’s Welcome” documentary with airing during Super Bowl 2014.
The soldier Budweiser chooses to honor with a TICKERTAPE parade will be the face of all the troops coming home this year.  It’s important that this soldier embodies the spirit of dedication, camaraderie; strength and goodness the American people want so badly to celebrate.  They’re looking for a family man, someone who is revered by his hometown and loved by his family and friends.  There looking for someone who is gracious in the face of adversity and adulation alike.  In short, he’s got to be okay with surprises.  Click here for more information.

Department of New York As you know, this November the VFW Foundation has again teamed up with Burger King® Franchisees across the nation to raise money for the VFW Unmet Needs program. This annual Burger King® fundraiser is the key to ensuring the VFW can continue its work to assist veterans and their families when they fall on hard financial times. The idea is simple. During the month of November, participating Burger King® locations invite patrons to donate to the Unmet Needs program at their time of purchase. This simple concept has garnered a huge response from patriotic Americans - allowing Burger King® to donate more than $2 million to the program to date.    Burger King® Franchisees are a great friend to our organization. So please, this November take a moment to visit your local participating Burger King® location. Let them know that you are a proud VFW member and personally thank them for their continued support. And please, strongly encourage the Posts in your Department to do the same. I can’t stress enough the impact that the generosity of Burger King® Franchisees has had on the lives of the thousands of veterans, service members and families that we’ve been proud to help. Please help us show our appreciation of their support FOR VETERANS. Keep up the good work. Yours in Comradeship, Bill Thien VFW Commander-in-Chief

VFW and Sport Clips Announce  New Scholarship Program   
'Help A Hero' Scholarship will be awarded to veterans.....For more information click link below:
Judge Advocate and Surgeon are Appointed
If was recently discovered that section 217 of the National Manual of Procedure lists the Judge Advocate and Surgeon as elected officers.  Not so says the National Director of Administrative Operations.
 Here's clarification...
This year’s membership challenges apply to every member of the VFW.  Find out what we need to do to get and keep members.  Membership/All State Program


We were recently notified that some VFW Posts are selling and/or giving away Army surplus equipment loaned to them instead of returning this loaned equipment back to TACOM as set forth in the Army regulations and guidance provided by the VFW for the program. Important to note is that it is a federal violation and could be subject to legal prosecution if Army weapons and/or static display equipment assets currently logged into possession of VFW Posts are lost, transferred, given away, sold or used in any unauthorized manner.  
Heres the Memo....     Heres the RULES... 
   From Dept HQ.... Is Your Post Guilty...??? See the list!

VFW Held Hostage by Thieves Within
Another headline to embarrass and defame the VFW tells the glaring tale of theft, corruption and the pillaging of yet another post.  Another VFW member/officer goes to jail for steeling thousands from their post.  It doesn’t seem to end, on a regular basis some of our most trusted members are found guilty of steeling and plundering the VFW.  Read More....
Our small group of retired Veterans makes metalized film window stickers and magnetic vehicle plaques honoring Veterans of all eras. They are called VetSignias and are designed to give Veterans 'every-day' visibility.