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Commander Michael (Mike) Pascal - 2013-2014
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Commander Michael Pascal  is taking this opportunity to continue with the Commander’s Special Project which began last year, replenishing the funds to our Voice Of Democracy (VOD) and Patriot’s Pen scholarship programs. By continuing to support these scholarships, we fulfill our commitment to the youth of our nation. Commander Pascal, PSC Durkin and Sr. Vice Commander Schmitz agreed to replenish the funds by committing $10,000.00 each year for three years to these programs. We are now in the second year and need your continued support for this worthwhile project. The numbers are very simple. If each Post would send a minimum of $25.00, our goal would be met. If each At-Large member would send $5.00 our goal would be met. Can you do your part? Yes we can.
Mail all checks earmarked for “Commander’s Special Project” to: Department of NY VFW, 69 Sand Creek Rd., Albany, NY 12205. In the memo line mark it Commander’s Special Project.
Whether you are a large or small post, please, everyone work together, and make this the best project ever. Do not hesitate to call or email if there are any questions or concerns.
Yours in Comradeship,
Dan McMahon
Chairman, Commanders Special Project
70 Schutt Ct.
Grand Island, NY 14072
(716) 622-6911



This year’s membership challenges are many and no less important than any other year.  This year’s membership drive is even more critical than last year, just as last years was more critical than the year before….because every year our numbers drop drastically.  If we are not diligent the numbers will continue to drop making it even more difficult to serve our veterans. "No One Does More For Veterans" is more than a slogan, it is the foundation of our existance, our reason for everything we do as a veterans organization.

We have already started our membership programs for the year, two yellow ribbon events so far and as more are brought to my attention we will be sending them out to the appropriate districts, counties and posts. Additionally as soon as we receive the various lists sent out by national, un-paid, un-paid-relocates and re-locates, these will be sent out to the District Commanders and the District Membership chairs. Some of our team has been hard at work already recruiting, reinstating and retaining as of this writing members have recruited and/or reinstated 204 members.    One tool that we have this year for early dues collection is the increase in dues, coming January of 2014, the National dues will be increased by $10.00 this should help us get our annuals paid early to avoid the $10.00 national increase.

Some additional tools that may help you this year are as follows.

List of suggested Recruiting Tips     List...

National Membership Program       This can be found on the National web-site or copy and paste this link. http://www.vfw.org/uploadedFiles/VFWorg/MY_VFW/VFW%20National%20Membership%20Program%202013-14.pdf  Or just click here...

Leadership Reference Material can be found here...

Department of New York Membership Program is here...

Forming a College Vets Club is easier than you think find it here...

Public Relations Guide is here...

Yours in comradeship
Sid Lynn Department Membership Chair
(516) 480-0662