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Again...Consider a monthly gift to stop the repeated mail requests. Click  Donations... and select Monthly giving.



Currently the Department of New York is experiencing a dramatic reduction in donations.  Donations from calendars, cards, paper and labels are down by 80%.  That’s right 80% which is about a $79,000 loss to our general budget.   That is a significant loss of revenues and puts us in a precarious position.

Many members don't realize the mailings they receive in the mail are requests for donations for the Department of New York not National.  Even though the mailings come from Gunner Kent or the National Commander in Chief 100% of the revenues received from these solicitations go to the Department of New York, not National VFW.  When the cards, labels and calendar sales requests are automatically tossed into the trash the Department of New York loses that much more strength and effectiveness for veterans.

Some members have voiced their concerns about receiving so many mailings requesting money especially after sending in several donations.  Unfortunately the system is automated and the computer program doesn't record the giving it just sends out the mailings.

There is a way to eliminate these mailings...sign up for monthly donations to be taken directly from your financial institution account or credit card.  That puts the members name into a database and removes them from the monthly mailing list.  Members should decide how much they feel they can donate to the VFW, Department of New York and set up a monthly amount that will accommodate that sum. 

Sign onto WFW.ORG with your member login and select Contributions.  The link to the right will take you directly to that site.  Donations support all of our Veterans and community programs making the VFW a visible and viable force for veterans.