There are seven men from New York that died in the Vietnam War, and were born prior to 1920. Five of the 7 men have not had any photos submitted to the VVMF's, National Call for Photos.

Every name on The Wall needs a photo submitted to ensure that they are not forgotten, and time may be running out to find these photos. Any surviving brothers and sisters are probably in their 90's, and any children they have would be in their 60's & 70's. I hope you will ask every VFW Post in New York, to research the men from their community and find the photos that the VVMF needs to honor these heroes.

It's possible that there are still be relatives of these men in the local areas, but if not, the libraries and schools may have the old yearbooks available to scan. Anything you can do will be a great help.

The latest information on the VVMF website indicates that only 1566 of the 4126 New York Vietnam War casualties have had photos submitted. We can't afford to let these men and women be forgotten.

The list of 7 men that I mentioned above are listed here, but there are still 2500+ more names that need photos.
Thank you for your time.

David L. Hine

USAF - Retired     317-468-3664    


EVERARD AARON DAVIS     SFC     ARMY     JAMAICA, NY     10/15/1910 - 1/13/1968    Profile

SALVATORE ANTHONY GELUSO     MSGT     MARINE CORPS     JAMAICA, NY     11/7/1912 - 7/8/1969     Profile

JOHN MATULONIS     SGT     ARMY     NEW YORK, NY     9/22/1917 - 2/12/1969     Profile

RICHARD BURTON BRADLEY     SSGT     ARMY     WAMPSVILLE, NY    6/2/1918 - 11/16/1965    Profile  Have Photo

WILLIAM JOSEPH CRUMM     MGEN     AIR FORCE     SCARSDALE, NY     3/20/1919 - 7/7/1967     Profile Have Photo

PETER JOSEPH DANILUCK          FSGT    MARINE CORPS     NEW YORK, NY    7/29/1919 - 9/26/1968    Profile

WILLIAM MATT THOMPSON     SFC     ARMY     JAMAICA, NY     9/12/1919 - 4/6/1968     Profile