The Communication, Information and Technology Department (CIT) was created by Commander Jack Veazy in 2010 to bring the Department of New York into the 21st century. The 2010-2011 leadership realized that if the Department of New York is to keep pace with today’s cultural and social changes drastic and bold action has to take place. The creation of CIT is the first step in a courageous journey where every new discovery, new development and new endeavor is an example of the dynamic and progressive leadership and vision in the Department.

Communications encompasses all aspects of communications with VFW membership and community to include phones, computer, other current and future innovations and developments. Information encompasses all data, statistics, facts and figures that pertain, promote, develop and perpetuate the growth, momentum and strength of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in New York State. Technology is the implementer, the basic but complicated and powerful facilitator of this new program and journey. So today we step into tomorrow!

Communication, Information and Technology Perpetuates Growth!
Technology Defines Tomorrow, We Define Technology!

Contact the CIT department for all communication, information and technology questions, issues and/or concerns at