How a Post interacts with its community determines the relevancy of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Someone once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

The VFW and its Auxiliary’s ability to impact veterans, youth, political issues, patriotism, civic pride, volunteerism, almost anything you can name, is directly dependent upon the Post being recognized as a caring and involved participant in the community.

The Post is, for most Americans, the only thing they know about the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Make sure those Americans in your community have a favorable opinion of our great organization and our veterans.

Importance of Reporting VFW & Ladies Auxiliary Volunteer Service

During the 2011-12 VFW & Ladies Auxiliary Programs’ year over 8 million volunteer hours and over $48 million were contributed towards the completion of community service projects by Posts and Ladies Auxiliaries.

It is essential that the VFW Department establish and maintain a system of program reporting to enable the VFW to substantiate its tax exempt status and provide information about Post and Ladies Auxiliaries volunteer efforts in their communities.

Biannually, the VFW Department will provide the VFW National Community Service Program a report compiling each Post (to include Cooties, Sons of the VFW, and Cooties Auxiliary) and Ladies Auxiliary (to include Junior Girls) community service projects that include the number of volunteer hours for the time period and the dollars donated to complete the projects. The dollars donated should include the 14 cents mileage amount for charitable work allowed by the IRS, value of donating the Post Hall use to community nonprofit groups and other in-kind donations.

For reporting purposes, only volunteer service projects benefiting the community are to be reported. Projects/activities benefiting VFW and Ladies Auxiliary members only cannot be reported.

The creation of a Post and Ladies Auxiliary community service record book to display at the Post Home or to display at community events is a great public relations tool, however, if cancelled donation checks are being displayed the Post and/or Ladies Auxiliary bank account number and signatures of officers should be blanked out to avoid potential theft.

NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS is more than just words; it is a commitment, a promise and a dedication to the goals and values of the VFW. Community service is one way we expose those goals and values to the public in a very real way. We are all about service, why not brag about it? We think we know how many hours and dollar values we donate but record keeping and reporting those numbers prove what we do and we don’t make mistakes or skew those numbers.

Chech here (Outline and Forms) to get the materials and forms you will need. The document(s) include a description and outline of the program(s), entry forms and request forms. Get started today! Don’t forget to REPORT to Department by 11/1/2014 and 5/1/2015 and show your pride, serve the community so the list can grows. Get the Classroom Brochure and VFW Day Flyer for yet more resources.


There should be at least one Post in your Department that will be selected as a National Outstanding Community Service Post. Each Department will select at least one Post (depending on Department size) to receive the National Outstanding Community Service Post Award at the VFW National Convention.

The award includes a plaque inscribed with the name of the VFW Post and its Ladies Auxiliary (if applicable), a $599 stipend to cover part of the Post representative’s expenses to the National Convention, publication of the Post’s name in the Convention program booklet and a street sign identifying this national award for the Post to put up in their community.

Your VFW Department is responsible for the selection criteria for this award and sending the name of the selected Post(s) to the National Programs Department by May 1 each year.


Community Service:
*December 1, Department 6‐month Community Service Report (Department to National)
*April 30, Fred C. Hall Memorial Outstanding Post Special Project (Department to National)
May 1, National Outstanding Community Service Post (Department to National)
June 1, Department Year‐End Community Service Report (Department to National)

Contact Community Service Chairman Don Mackey With any Questions